Hina Solanki – More Than Skin Deep

Starting Out

Born into an Indian family, Hina came to the UK with her family at just 6 months old. Her parents were practising Hindus, and she grew up in a serene, philosophical household, laying the foundations for her spiritual, holistic philosophy and approach to life. Hina’s father was a businessman, ably and enthusiastically supported by her mother, and she has inherited her parents’ business acumen every bit as much as their spiritual focus.

Mother and Businesswoman

A single mother to two sons, both now in their early 20s, Hina was motivated to succeed by the need to provide. It was natural that she would follow in her entrepreneurial father’s footsteps and establish herself as a successful businesswoman. She ran her own mortgage consultancy until she was struck, out of the blue, by Alopecia, an immune system condition which led to the loss of hair from her scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Permanent Makeup and Paramedical Tattoo Artist

Amazed at the way the treatment she received restored her severely damaged confidence, Hina set out to make similar restorative therapies available to others. She trained in micro-pigmentation techniques and launched Sol Cosmedics, now an internationally-regarded permanent and semi-permanent cosmetics provider. Celebrities and high profile clients fly in from all around the globe for her services.

More recently, Hina was privileged to represent micropigmentation for the prestigious Parliamentary Review, a guide to industry best practice and sector leaders’ responses to political and economic challenges.

Building on the success of Sol Cosmedics, Hina launched Sol Healing, marketing a range of all-natural products for humans and pets.

Published Author

She is the author of the UK’s only book on permanent cosmetics, the Permanent Makeup Guide , published in 2015 to help readers gain a deeper understanding of cosmetic tattooing and its many benefits. She has built a strong social media following and is now writing a further book, looking at her life’s journey through both highs and lows, and how she employed her spirituality to survive and even thrive through her most challenging times.


Enormously grateful for her recovery from Alopecia and the huge difference that permanent cosmetics made to her confidence when she was wrestling the condition, giving back is a high priority for Hina, and she invests much time and effort in supporting good causes.

She is a Patron of Raft , a medical research charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults who have suffered physical trauma. Drawing on her extensive business experience, she helps Raft particularly in the areas of fundraising and gaining exposure.

Hina also plays an ambassadorial role with Arts For India , a charity supporting underprivileged Indian students in the arts, facilitating life-changing higher education opportunities.

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