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July 2, 2015 | Written by : | admin

After having a breast lift back in 2005, I had a problem with my areola and had to have further surgery. The resulting scarring was horrible and i was gutted that after spending all that money my breast looked worst. My surgeon offered to do more corrective surgery but i couldn’t face going through it again. Fortunately, someone suggested surgical tattooing and recommended Hina and she has proved to be a godsend.
The tattoing procedure was relatively painless. I did have to have a few sessions but the results were amazing. Now my new breast look fantastic! The scarring hasn’t disappeared completely but it is camouflaged enough that i don’t look at them and wince or want to cry!
Hina is fantastic and would recommend her to anyone. I’m saving up now for some permanent makeup and i would n’t go to anyone else!

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