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Improve your appearance and quality of skin with Medical Micro Pigmentation Artist

Improve your appearance and quality of skin with Medical Micro Pigmentation Artist
April 13, 2017 | Written by : | admin

Scar camouflage playing on your mind as summer is fast approaching, and we are all looking forward to spending more time with our friends and loved ones at social gatherings and perhaps even have holidays or weddings we plan to attend.  For those with scarring, whether it is through burns, laceration, accidents or from surgery, this time of year can be daunting.  From planning what to wear or worrying about concealing scars with makeup, these situations can result in anxiety and even depression.  Research has shown that scarring can have a monumental impact on a person’s self esteem and not many people know that there is a revolutionary and effective way to treat scarring and dramatically improve it’s appearance.

scar camouflage hina solanki

Hina Solanki, the founder of Sol Cosmedics, is a world renowned Medical Micro Pigmentation Artist and has even been featured in the Parliamentary Review.  Hina offers a revolutionary treatment by way of Medical Micro Pigmentation called Scar Camouflage. Micropigmentation is a type of tattoo.  What that means, is that Hina can gradually infuse scar tissue with very precise implantations of pigment that are custom blended to match your own skin tone and that will eventually help to camouflage the scar tissue and blend it with the surrounding tissue, making the scarred area much less unsightly and a lot less noticeable.  The results are ground breaking and dramatically life changing for those who feel self-conscious about their scarring.

If your scarring is affecting your self-confidence, you may want to consider discussing your options with Hina, who will treat you with warmth, respect and professionalism whilst working with you to devise a treatment plan that gives you the best possible results.  For more information please contact the team at Sol Cosmedics.